Coloured Lenses that best suits Your Skin Tone

Coloured Lenses that best suits Your Skin Tone

Using contact lenses is one thing but getting the one that blends perfectly with your skin is another thing entirely. Your eyes are the windows to your soul and probably the first parts of your body that others will notice. Contact lenses are available in different colours and shades, and you are free to select anyone you like. However, selecting contact lenses has to be done right, so you do not look out of place.

 One way to ensure that you are using the right type of contact lenses is that you should select the one that blends perfectly with your skin. This means that you have to take your time and carefully select the kind of contact lenses to use. That said, not everyone knows how to go about it. That is why this article is going to provide useful information on this.

 If you are one of those with a fair or cool tone of skin, it is better that you go for the shades of grey and blue when it comes to selecting your contact lenses. This is because these are the best shades that will go well with your skin. Overall, it is better for people with fair tones or light complexions to go for bright colours for their contact lenses. Aqua lenses are particularly good for people in this category.

 For those who have a medium tone of their skins, their selection of contact lenses is different. By medium tone, the reference here is from honey to light brown. A major advantage here is that these tones of skin allow for a larger range of selection when it comes to the colours to be selected for the contact lenses. For people with medium skin tones, it is better to go for colours like hazel, honey, grey, brown, or green. It is even possible to go for violet; it will blend well.

 However, if what you have is a warm tone for your skin, then your selection will be different. Warm tones are for those with catchy honey or natural brown tones. They look shiny or bronze-like, and it is best to go for similar tones when choosing coloured contact lenses too. If the tone of your skin is wheatish, you should go for colours like hazel, rich honey, greyish-brown or mild honey. Avoid bright hues, and you select warm colours instead. This is because they are the most ideal for your skin tone.

 Now, if you have a dark tone with much melanin in your skin, shiny like an African goddess, it is perfect if you go for autumn or dark brown coloured lenses. Do not go for bright primary colours like red, green, or blue because you are going to look totally out of place. This is because the lenses are not going to blend well with the tone of your skin. So as you can see, it is one thing to use coloured lenses, but it is even a lot more important for you to use the one that blends perfectly with the tone of your skin, otherwise, you can end up ruining your look. Take your time and seek the help of a professional eye care specialist if you need help deciding what colour your tone would work best with.