What to know before renovating a basement

What to know before renovating a basement

The basement increases the value of the house and can be proved very beneficial in the long run as it provides the extra space for the stuff that is not in your use currently, beneficial for the growing family, and can be used as a suite to earn some money. As the basement is an essential part of a house, so you have to be very particular and specific about something when you plan to renovate your basement because it is a very crucial step for the remodelling of the house. You need to consider some important things before you start renovating your basement. Make sure that your design of the basement and renovation is according to the requirement of the government code. The renovation and modelling of the basement should differ according to the standards of government to avoid the issues from the government and annihilation. Along with the requirements of the government, you also have to focus on some necessary measures as well to renovate your basement.

Before renovating your basement, you have to take the measurements of the basement area. Specifically, measure the height of the basement if you want to convert it in a living room or a single portion. The height of the basement must be appropriate that do not give a congested feel. If the height is not appropriate, then you have to dig out the deeper lower floor to adjust the height of the basement, but it could be a pricy task for this purpose you can call your constructor.

The next step is to identify that is your basement has connections of electric wires, water pipes, drainage, gas and air compressors because these essentials those are necessary when you renovate your basement and decide some of your time in it. If you do not have these connections in your basement, then you have to fix them before sealing the walls and floor because these are the things that are done before anything. Along with the connections, you must have good suppliers for them and should have the battery backup for them. Again, all these connections should be done by the expert plumbers and electrocutions. Do not try to do these things on your own if you do not have any experience because it can be a little risky can cause leakage afterwards. The diverters should be installed 8 to 10 feet from the foundation to send the gutter water far-off. Once the underground and the behind the wall connection are done, fill all the gaps and cracks with the concrete cement to seal them. If you find big cracks in the wall, you need to fill them inside and out with hydraulic cement. Insulate the hot water pipes with the slip foam to prevent heat loss and condensation.

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It is very important to make your basement moisture-free before the renovation. For this purpose, you have to perform a moisture test to make your basement waterproof. You could always consider using a portable compressed air tank for this purpose. If you skip this step, then the sneaky leaks will destroy your basement renovation. For this purpose, use the vapour barriers on the wall and floor to identify the amount of the moisture of the place for the better solution. Use a waterproof coating on the interior wall before the paint. You can also use the thin slates of wood or metal outside the wall to create an offset space; this will also give a smooth effect to your wall.

Once you are all done with the measurement step, you are all ready to renovate your basement and design it according to your will. One more thing that you should know is the renovation of the basement can prove to be very costly as you have to do all things from A to Z.