beauty podcasts

Everybody wants to focus on their beauty routines and live a healthy lifestyle, but if you have a busy schedule, the only way to immerse yourself in these beauty rituals is to look for, and listen to, the best beauty podcasts. I’ve used muscle relaxants since I moved to Australia and it had made me obsessed with beauty. That’s why I wanted to write this blog post. I promise you, by listening to these beauty podcasts you will get more insights and access to current beauty trends and best skincare routines. In doing so, you will be inspired to follow the advice and tips they provide.  From beauty news to cosmetic science, the list of beauty podcasts would enrich your beauty minds with juicy stories to keep our minds buzzing with current happening in the cosmetic and beauty industry: 

  • Breaking Beauty: This podcast tells you great stories about the current best-selling cosmetic products and includes beauty product reviews. Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunnhonest deliver their stories every single week, covering the latest beauty stuff, new treatments, breast implant replacement stories and beauty moments. The “real talk” for modern women. They always share stories that are interesting enough to keep the listener engaged.
  • Beauty is your Business: This weekly show is all about top news in the beauty industry. The pod is led by trending beauty-leaders and involves several high-profile guests. This podcast is also full of information about technology in combination with beauty, delivered to you as interactive interviews and insights to keep you entertained. This will keep you up to date with both the beauty news and technologies in the world.
  • Full Coverage: This podcast is presented by the famous Harriet Hadfield who is known for her youtube videos and blogs. She is a professional makeup artist, and this podcast is all about beauty and cosmetic product trend debates. She interviews beauty leaders about their makeup choices, asks them for handbag sneak peeks and discusses everything beauty with the biggest beauty addicts. Their advice for daily makeup routines and skincare help us rethink our choices of beauty brands and products.
  • Outspoken Beauty: Being hosted by beauty journalist and broadcaster Nicola Bonn and beauty novice Rachel Jones, this beauty podcast is all about debates, interviews, product recommendations. Episodes are engaging with beauty and cosmetic recommendations from a range of celebrities and they only provide honest reviews. With their techniques and information, we get the top trending beauty concepts and get inspired to head to Sephora straight after each episode! 
  • Forever35: Here we have two best friends talking about serums, fancy cosmetics, mascaras and many more beauty products. This podcast answers all your beauty questions and recommends the best products for your skin. They provide both fun Bff chats about every topic (in a fun-filled humorous conversation) and give you everything you need to start your own beauty routine. The podcasts give you more access to beauty information and help you make a well-thought decision with your beauty products.
  • Journey to Glow: The suggestions from this healing specialist Caroline Frenette gives us great tips towards green beauty and skincare. Her expertise in several medicinal fields gives us access to several proven medicinal facts, which helps us understand the best way to get to radiant healthy skin and body. This is a must for sustainable chicks and vegans!
  • Fat mascara: With their weekly episodes, Fat Mascara delivers to us interesting and fun trends in the beauty industry. Interviewing beauty pros, models and celebrities – we are introduced to unique beauty trends, magical skin treatments and beauty fail that didn’t work. During this podcasting journey, we get to learn how to choose (and avoid) certain makeup brands. 
  • Apsara Skincare:  This podcast helps the consumers understand the needs to change into mindset towards their health environment. The human genetics expert Sheetal has been giving us interesting ideas, useful tips and organic skincare remedies. Her tips essentially focus on helping us achieve healthy young glowing skin and healthy shining hair. Her haircare and skincare tips are homemade and suit every budget.