Becoming stranded with a dead car battery or being caught off guard with a flat tire isn’t just stressful, it is potentially harmful.

Luckily, there are a number of gadgets available on the market now that will help you be better prepared for whatever the road throws at you.

Here are 11 automobile gadgets that won’t only enhance your general driving expertise, but may also help you be prepared for the unexpected.

1. Dashcams

Dashcams can be utilized to not only take a memorable trip, but can also be convenient if you get in a collision.

The forward-facing camera will not protect you physically, but the footage it captures may be used to establish who’s accountable for an auto crash.

The Z-Edge dashcam can take 30fps and will switch on automatically once you start your vehicle and shut off when you switch off the ignition.

2. Smartphone Mount

A smartphone bracket can make navigation much less stressful if you don’t have gps navigation for your car installed.

Rather than always looking down to your telephone for instructions, you’re able to use a bracket to maintain your Google Maps or Apple Maps program inside your line of vision.

3. Mobile Jumper Starter Kit

There is no guarantee that someone will be around to provide you a kickstart when you require it, which explains the reason why it’s sensible and an essential piece of 4wd equipment to always maintain a jump starter kit.

A starter kit is basically a battery supply which allows you to start your car when the battery dies, simply by hooking the straps on the kit into the car’s battery. However, it may also be utilized as a back-up power supply.

4. Bluetooth car kit

You do not have to purchase a new vehicle to have the ability to join your Smartphone to your car through Bluetooth.

Multimedia installation of a bluetooth car kit plugs into your car so you can play audio and make calls on your vehicle’s speakers hands-free.

5. USB car charger

A deceased smartphone will be the very last thing you need while traveling. If you do not have a USB port in your vehicle, or when you want more than 1 port, this Maxboost USB charger is a fantastic alternative.

6. Smart car adaptor

Automatic is a small automobile adaptor which you plug to the on-board Diagnostics interface of your vehicle to find all sorts of information about your automobile.

The apparatus — which matches along with your cellphone via Bluetooth — Diagnoses engine issues, recalls where you parked, screens your excursion history, and may even call for aid in the event of a crash.

Before this year the company also rolled out the Automated program Gallery, which includes apps for organization, savings and convenience, and security. As an instance, the Concur program lets drivers track mileage for work trips, which makes expenditures extremely simple.

You can also connect the unit to an Amazon Echo so you may do things like ask Alexa just how much fuel you’ve got or how much you really drove a week.

7. GPS tracker

A GPS tracker joins with your smart phone to allow you to know the place of your car or truck at any place at any time.

While this gadget is likely more useful for parents attempting to keep tabs on their teens, it may also be convenient in case somebody tries to steal your motor vehicle.

The Spy Tec mobile GPS tracker also lets you set up a Geo-fence and will notify you through text or email if the vehicle goes beyond the pre-determined location.

8. Radar detector

You should not break speed limits, but if you are going to do it, then you will want to get yourself a radar sensor to alert you of any potential speed traps.

This may Look like a Great Deal of cash, but if You’ve got a heavy foot, then it could help save you from paying far more in speeding tickets.

9. Blind spot mirrors

Among the best features in new cars nowadays is the blind spot alert function. The characteristic is essentially only a light built into the sideview mirror which flashes when a person or someone else is in your blind spot.

But in case you have an old vehicle, you can find the identical kind of functionality by simply adding blind spot mirrors.

Yes, some bright spark decided these types of mirrors weren’t just for vehicles towing, or Landcruiser’s with ironman 4×4 accessories; now you can also have piece of mind.

10. Mobile WiFi hotspot

Transforming your car into a travelling WiFi place can help you remain connected wherever you go.

11. Mobileye 560

Mobileye’s consumer merchandise gives drivers real-time updates that can assist in preventing injuries.

The machine is made up of a smart camera that’s installed on the front of the windshield, a sound alarm buzzer, and a screen so that the driver can see the warnings.

Fundamentally, Mobileye’s smart camera features a computer inside that is capable of performing things like measuring the space between vehicles, studying the speed limit, and discovering when pedestrians are all nearby. This technology allows the car to warn the driver as it senses a hazardous circumstance.

Therefore, as an example, if you’re going 30 mph on a street with a speed limit in which the speed limit is 25 mph, the machine will sound an audio alarm in addition to an alarm on the screen.